Hair loss – Corona side effect? What to do?

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Hair loss ? Shortly after a corona infection ?

Hair loss is another common symptom after a corona infection. According to the specialist journal “The Lancet Journal” (study 2020 Jin Yin tan hospital in Wuhan), around 22 percent stated hair loss as a symptom or a consequence of their corona infection.

Hair loss as a corona side effect: the good news first.

Hair loss is temporary, meaning it takes time to recover. Nutrient loss, or in other words, increased nutrient consumption, is a key cause.
It is typical after a severe infection such as Corona, but also after a severe flu as well as operations and other chronic diseases that the so-called skin appendages suffer. The body goes from the important to the “unimportant”. Don’t get me wrong, of course hair is important, especially in terms of aesthetics, well-being etc., but from the point of view of the body, hair is dispensable for the body for a short time.

But we don’t have to stand idly by.

I recommend Priorin by Bayer for nutritional hair loss. The capsules in combination with the shampoo are particularly effective. You should use this combination for at least 3 months, as the hair roots grow cyclically, i.e. are in growth phases. In the resting phase, it does not catch and the effect is therefore not optimal.

Hair loss as a corona side effect? Let’s talk

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