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Lion Pharmacy – your specialist for natural medicine. We are specialized in naturopathy and homeopathy. Also called Löwen Apotheke. By partnering with Guten Tag Pharmacy, owning DMDI ‘s seal of quality, the highest standards are ensured.

In addition, we are a recognized mail-order pharmacy, which means that you can also get all offers by mail order directly to your home. Shipping worldwide. 

Löwen Apotheke: Local Store in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Our pharmacy is located in the heart of Baden-Baden in the pedestrian zone. Löwen pharmacy store and mail-order department sits in a historic building near famous surroundings.

Löwen Apotheke, also called Lion Pharmay, is a modern pharmacy, at the same time we would like to continue the pharmacy tradition with many international customers. Our mail-order pharmacy is licensed since 2009. One of the oldest German confirmations.

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Sandra Hoff, owner, Lion Pharmacy Löwen_Apotheke_Baden_Baden_Geschäft Store

Comprehensive and individual advisory.

The best for your health is our highest goal. That is why you can count on a wide range of advice and services in our pharmacy. Get to know our scope of services in this area better.In particular, we would like to assist you in the selection of medications. Also assist with individual recipe requests or changes to existing recipe suggestions with our knowledge.

Sandra Hoff, owner, pharmacist at Löwen Apotheke (Lion Pharmacy).

My highly qualified team and I are always available to answer your questions in person, by phone or online.

Our pharmacy services

Löwen Apotheke24 is our online pharmacy of the modern and traditional Löwen pharmacy in Baden-Baden.
Are part of the Guten Tag Apotheke, the Löwen Apotheke Baden-Baden, Germany, online pharmacy quality seal of the DMDI, the highest standards are ensured.

  • Short delivery time: 2-3 working days with DHL
  • Secure purchase: invoice, PayPal and more.
  • Worldwide shipping experts support you: incl. tax and legal documents
  • Expert advice: excellent service

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We specialize in naturopathy and homeopathy.

For example, our special interest lies in the dissemination of biochemistry according to Dr. Schuessler. The “12 salts of life” are becoming more and more popular, as their effect wonderfully complements our medicinal treasure.

My concern now is to use biochemistry according to Dr. Schuessler and to adapt them to the individual through individual mixtures. Everyone has different needs, depending on their age, work and/or constitution.

Our mixer has been developed according to your needs and pharmaceutical knowledge, so that you can use it to carry out the optimal Schuessler salt therapy.

As well as micro-immuntherapy in combination with Labo Life therapies. 

Learn more about this. Our Experts offers excellent service.

Custom-made formulas from natural hormones offer a new way to bring the hormones back into balance.

The Löwen Apotheke is happy to produce individual hormone formulations tailored to the needs of the individual customer according to the doctor’s prescription.

Capsules according to the Rimkus method, as well as hormone formulations, require a prescription from a doctor. Hormone creams in homeopathic form D4 can be manufactured without a doctor’s prescription.


This is the headline of an article by Focus Online from July 2021.

As is known, almost 85% of the population has Epstein bar virus (EBV) without feeling any symptoms. Others have very strong symptoms of lymphatic swelling, headaches and sore throats, liver strain, spleen swelling and deep long-lasting fatigue (so-called CFS).


Researchers led by Jeffrey Gold from the World Organization in the USA have now investigated (see study: what role reactivation may play in Long Covid patients or also the intensity of the Covid disease.

It could be observed that the symptoms of the patients are very similar, e.g. Fatigue, headache, fever as well as neurological disorders and much more. In long covid patients, an increased reactivation could be detected in the blood (according to the study it was 66.7%).

According to the research team, ganciclovir is an option for treatment. One of the few antiviral agents in the pharmaceutical industry.

Alternative medicine has also shown interest in the topic. For example, microimmunotherapy has been dealing with the (re)activation of EBV in the blood for a very long time and as a main focus. What are the reasons and how can a (re)activation be contained and influenced in the long term.

Strengthening the immune system through microimmunotherapy is one approach.

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