Find out more about actual shipping costs. The respective costs are calculated in the shopping cart.

We would be happy to make you an offer for delivery to other countries then listed. To do this, please contact us by telephone on +49 7221-395374 or by e-mail:

Shipping costs:

The respective shipping costs are calculated in the shopping cart.

CountryShipping CostsEstimated delivery time
Austria                       11,90 €1-3 business days
Australia                      59,00 €8-15 business days
Belgium                       14,50 €2-4 business days
Bulgaria                      18,00 €3-5 business days
Canada                      49,00 €8-15 business days
Cyprus                      18,00 €5-8 business days
Czech Republic                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Denmark                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Estonia                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Finland                      18,00 €2-4 business days
France                      14,50 €2-4 business days
Germany                       5,90 € or 0,00€*1-3 business days
Greece                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Hungary                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Iceland                      30,00 €3-5 business days
Ireland                      18,00 €3-5 business days
Italy                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Latvia                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Lithua                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Luxembourg                      14,50 €2-4 business days
Netherland                      14,50 €2-4 business days
New Zealand                      59,00 €8-15 business days
Norway                      30,00 €3-5 business days
Poland                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Portugal                      18,00 €3-5 business days
Romania                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Slovakia                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Slovenia                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Spain                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Sweden                      18,00 €2-4 business days
Switzerland                      23,00 €2-4 business days
United Kingdom                      18,00 €3-5 business days
United States                      49,00 €8-15 business days

*0,00 EUR shipping costs in Germany if order value is higher 30,00 EUR

Shipping partner:


We use DHL as standard shipping partner.

logo dhl lions p

Fast shipping: goods are usually delivered within 2-3 working days by DHL. This depends on product availability, payment and restrictions under the Hygiene Act. Our shipping team processes your orders from Monday to Friday.

If you and no neighbors can be found and your shipment cannot be delivered immediately, the DHL driver will come to you again and try to hand over the shipment. Some of the shipments are also deposited for collection at the nearest DHL/Deutsche Post collection station. In any case, the driver will leave a notification card in your mailbox.


Deliveries to other countries possible by personal arrangement. We deliver with UPS.

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