orthomol Vital M Granules / Capsule

Orthomol Vital M Granules / Capsule

Orthomol Vital M granules/capsules contain important micronutrients for the immune system. Composition of tablets and capsules as practical daily portions.


PZN: 01319838 (Pharmazentralnummer)

Dosage form: capsules

Prescription type: prescription-free

Brand: orthomol

Manufactorer: orthomol Arzneimittel GmbH, Germany

Packing size: 30 pc.

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Orthomol Vital M Granules / Capsule

Orthomol Vital M granules/capsule 30 St. Nutritional support of the immune system. In the course of a year, many demands are placed on the human immune system: stress, physical strain and possible infections have to be overcome. Numerous vitamins, trace elements and secondary plant substances are important for the smooth functioning of the immune system.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Products from Orthomol: Pioneers of orthomolecular nutritional medicine in Germany. The company has been developing and selling well-balanced doses of micronutrient combinations for various areas of application for over 30 years. These are micronutrient combinations based on orthomolecular medicine.

Package leaflet/instructions for use/article data sheet:  –  (PDF reader)

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Learn more about manufactorer and this product: orthomol (link to external website)

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