Gripp-Heel tablets – 100 pc

Gripp-Heel tablets – 100 pc

Gripp Heel tablets are particularly suitable for the treatment of flu-like infections.


PZN: 14057937 (Pharma Central Number)

Dosage form: tablets

Prescription type: prescription-free

Brand: Gripp-Heel

Manufactorer: Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH

Packing size: 100 pc

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Gripp-Heel tablets

Gripp-Heel tablets are particularly suitable for treating flu-like infections when the symptoms are already pronounced. It supports the body’s defenses, relieves acute symptoms, has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the healing of the flu-like infection. The individual ingredients combine to produce the symptom-relieving effect of Gripp-Heel: Aconitum napellus is used primarily for acute inflammation of the mucous membranes. Eupatorium perfoliatum is used for fever, aching limbs and hoarseness.

Lachesis is used for headaches, chills and inflammation of mucous membranes. Bryonia complements the spectrum of action of Gripp-Heel Tablets by influencing laryngitis and cough. In case of exhaustion Phosphorus is supportive, which has additionally proved its worth in case of inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Indication: flu-like infections.

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Learn more about manufactorer and this product: Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH (link to external website)

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